[ALBUM] : Martino Elcasino – Aboki’s Lyrical Exercise (ALE)

Martino Elcasino – Aboki’s Lyrical Exercise (ALE)

Northern Nigerian hip hop artiste, Martino Elcasino releases his specially crafted solo 13 tracker project themed Aboki’s lyrical Exercise(ALE).

Aboki’s lyrical Exercise(ALE), lyrically demonstrates a sequence of maturity and acceptance of self through life and music.

The album: a specially recorded bilingual hiphop songs in English and Hausa languages by Martino Elcasino to test his lyrical strength. It has zero features, zero back up vocalists.

The idea of sharing the exercises with lovers of hiphop came when a set of “hiphop-heads” felt the need to let the messianic messages in the recordings reach the streets as natural as it came.

It took over five years of thorough hustle by Martino Elcasino between the states of Adamawa in the northeast and Lagos in western Nigeria to build the story and it took just weeks to record.

With most lyrics written impromptu (right before recording them), the album contains songs that focuses on struggle, hustle, money, love life,  peace, drug abuse among other hiphop-related topics.

Production Credits:
It all started with Martino and fast rising producer, Zayne F making records on a laptop before producers Jorex, G Ben, Real J and Abuja based Von D laid their hands on the project with Tino Sax and Sharplex making contributions.


01. Martino Elcasino – Lyrical Exercise 101

02. Martino Elcasino – Lyrical Alareineh

03. Martino Elcasino – Zan Baki

04. Martino Elcasino – Mu Buge

05. Martino Elcasino – Nemi Naka

06. Martino Elcasino – One Five

07. Martino Elcasino – Far Away

08. Martino Elcasino – Oga Ya Motsa

09. Martino Elcasino – Dead Presidents

10. Martino Elcasino – Number Busy

11. Martino Elcasino – Aure

12. Martino Elcasino – Us Vs Us (Kalle Ni)

13. Martino Elcasino – Back 2 Jimeta


26 thoughts on “[ALBUM] : Martino Elcasino – Aboki’s Lyrical Exercise (ALE)

  1. You d man Doug.
    Dual Salutamus on this shit.
    Fuck everybody else’s choice…
    You are my arewa NO.1

  2. This is straight hip hop music, very creative metaphors and euphemism. Special delivery_i love this.

  3. You dope bruh… U gone deep on this shit..and it’s killing. U got all the vibes. U gon go intl soon bruh!

  4. More grace Martino , it’s been a hustle for yuh but a profitable one actually. More grace to yuh keep rising

  5. Way to go bro. Your lyrics and creativity is out of this world. We proud of you bro.

  6. #babban_yaya much love to you, #ALE will take u far away and d enemies wil soon cal u alareineh just to give them one five

  7. Tino is the real OG…
    respect man. Allah ya kara ma girma in all aspect of life man.
    Bless bro..

  8. Nice track. Am kingbadru from bauchi i want us to release a song with you bro

  9. Am happy to be listening to ma home town music, we are proud of you bro keep it up

  10. Tino and I are more that friends and I have watched him grow from grace to more grace. This Album ALE is another testament of his resolve to bring to the fore contemporary issues defining today’s youth and the next generation.

  11. martino my best rapper all time
    keep it up we all love u soo much and i pray god keep u alive
    well and steady

  12. Just download few tracks have listen yet.
    But I will surely enjoyed them Tino-elcasino dan maman patience.

  13. Dan Maman Patience kana kokari sosai keep it musical zone in jambutu

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