[DOWNLOAD]: Bridget Andrew – Do the unthinkable (Prod by Emmy)

It is a year of good music for Sauteen arewa entertainment, Bridget Andrew is here with a new song to celebrate her birthday. in her word
“Do you ever think about how you would commit suicide if certain things ever happened? I do. So much psychological pain on the 4/03/2020. I felt I could no longer bear it, combination of critical inner voices of being a burden to God(funny isn’t it?), to my parents, siblings and of not belonging anywhere. Suicidal thoughts appearing as the only solution to this pain. Daddy walked into my room and I’m sure he felt what I was already up to, mummy also came in with my breakfast and pleaded I eat. My eyes were swollen, I could feel them hurting. My emotions flutter between gratitude for my life, to anger that something so unthinkable could happen to good people, and finally to fear. Deep, gut-wrenching fear that squeezes my insides and makes it hard to breathe. Why? Why does it have to be me? My family? It was just too much to hold it in.
At some point in life we’ve all faced the seemingly insurmountable whether it’s a long-term goal, an unexpected challenge, or just an inbox that seems to reproduce exponentially overnight. Whatever that fear is, you’ve got to face it cos we all get what we tolerate” says my favorite person, “If you have the ability to do that then you’ll succeed.” And sometimes that means confronting the thing that’s scariest to you in order to overcome it”.
Do the unthinkable a story of a lady brave enough to face her fears.