Full Album: Pages – “North Regular”

Full Album: Pages – “North Regular”

Northern sensation Buluma Pages Bulama widely known with “Pages” ain’t settling for less as he put in work towards redefining northern Nigeria’s musical scene.

He puts together a body of work titled “North Regular “ the EP. For sure this is not regular, showcasing his lyrical prowess and versatility on Afro sounds produced by various producers in and beyond Nigeria.

If truly music is food for the soul then y’all should vibe to this.


01. Pages – Zai Faru (DOWNLOAD MP3 )

02. Pages – Sabuwa ( DOWNLOAD MP3 )

03. Pages – Maza Maza ( DOWNLOAD MP3 )

04. Pages – Bed work ( DOWNLOAD MP3 )

05. Pages – Bala ( DOWNLOAD MP3 )

06. Pages – Baba ft Youngstoic ( DOWNLOAD MP3 )

07. Pages – Mayaka ( DOWNLOAD MP3

08. Pages – Taba Nan ( DOWNLOAD MP3

Pages North Regular


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