Martino Elcasino – Catcher Ft. Bowk + Lyrics


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Artist: MarTino Elcasino ft BowK
Track: Catcher Lyrics.
Project: Alhaji Umar (Sanda) EP


Dan Maman Patience!!!
B-o-w-K, BowK!
Tell em… What? Check!

People just dey hustle up and down to make the money/
Run upon the street to make it if you no be dondee/
Before your friends go run away, make you soji/
E don dey turn to catcher… Piki Piki ponki!

Piki Piki ponki X2
Running fast to grab the cash, Piki Piki ponki!/

Piki Piki ponki X2
Running fast to grab the cash, Piki Piki ponki!/

Verse 1:
Sai tazo ta Zauna/
Ko ta leko ta koma/
Gayu na garin Sardauna kuma haka duka aka sanmu a Yola/
Mai dawa nake ba wani bauna/
Na fito in samu rabona/
Toh da kannena na fito nan kuma zamu ringa koka musu hoha/
Running helter skelter for the paper you’re allowed to call if money is involved/
I use a phone to only get a credit bank alert before I feel the need to talk/
I’m “Alahreineh” but they see me like I’m Makavelli, see their branding me a thug/
In dai harkan rapping ne da deban naira zamu je gwajen, dani da Bowk/
Real J gimme a blast, I’ll be kicking fast, nothing can ever make a niccur relax/
Throw stones, we ain’t living in glass/
I can’t be living in past/
idan na hau kadan, kayi mini pass/
Steady, we’ll be making the cash/
Use to run in the grass, now we’re moving in cars/
Swag da baya yin tsatsa/
Ga runs amma ba sata/
In kaso, kazo ka bimu da SARZ/
I’m metaphorically speaking it/
No need to talk about “likes” and “a*s” ,it’s simile/
Straight from the Northern Extremities
Music making, the activity/
No no need for beefing me/
Check the lyrical Agility, everything’s gonna dissolve to my stomach acidity/
Gun neman arziki da ilimi/
I got more legs than a millipede/

Verse 2: BowK

I did what they don’t know /
I came, I saw, I stand and I conquered/
These days too short, those days weren’t long enough to make a dime in the daycare /
We justified the way of making money in a day we calculate the profit/
Fill the bags with the stacks x2/
Build a bank apartment/
Put my soul in the music, getting money from the struggle/
Keep my head above water, from the gutter make money cos I tried to (I made it!)/
Making songs in the basement to out a chicken on my table/
It’s easy when you are walking on the rug carpet after playing on the gravel/
Work it x3
Putting money in my pocket/
Charge it x2
I’m a cable to the socket/
I don’t give a sh*t, I’m all about my money making living cos I got this/
Work it x2
I’m putting money in my pocket/
Spitting these rhymes to feel in this/
Spitting these lines, I’ve been on their minds, I’ve been in it/
Hating me while I’m on top of my game/
I’ll be baking my cake in an oven of legacy/
Hating me while I’m on top of my game/
I’ll be baking my cake in an oven of history/

Repeat Chorus

Abokina x4
Je neman naira

Abokina x4
Je neman naira


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