Martino Elcasino – Fine Lady + Lyrics


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Artist: MarTino Elcasino
Track: Fine Lady
Album: Alhaji Umar EP

O yeah!
Dan Maman Patience
MarTino Elcasino…
Real J in the building…

Met a beautiful pretty baby girl/
Na she be the thing wey I no fit sell/
Even when she kiss me she no fit tell/
That girl wey dey treat me well/
Hitting up my phone by 6 PM/
She’s the W to the new BM/
Even took me on a cruise to the ATM/
And let me slide into her DM/
Pretty baby kinzo kan layi/
Kin zama abun so wallahi/
Kan Bala’i… /
I love you…

You’re my fine-fine lady oh… My baby oh!
Okpeke, your my fine-fine lady oh oh oh oh oh… My baby oh/ x2

Wai zani haukace idan ina sonki/
Wai zasu kaini kotu inna jawo ki/
I’m gonna show you love in samu wakoki/
Now you’re all up in my brain, baby ba sauki /

Verse 2:
Something that I never ever thought I’m gonna take is now my property/
Abunda muka saka bisa murhu ya nuna, ku fito Mu ci/
Dem say we dey manage/
Anything we do, dem say na packaging/
Ga dan mamansa a kan seti/
Da masoya da Wanda suka yashe ni/
See I love my baby… Baby/
I go dey rock am steady… Steady/_
In dan lallabe ki… Sai ya ishe ni… Baby o!

Repeat Chorus and Hook

They said you’re bad but I see them all as a bigger threat/
Forever, I wanna be with you, I won’t regret /
I’m just a northern musician/
And you can tell from my diction, for you I have an addiction, bigger than cigarettes/
We kissed a lot, attimes you make my mouth get dry/
Your love go fit make even elephant begin fly/
And when we’re up on the streets, I’m feeling damn high/
And e be like say na you dey give Agbero red eye/
Good looking in a white or a brown dress/
New cushion; na on you wey I dey wipe stress/
Even when I no get money or I’m busy/
You understand and come around, you know say na we, we.

Repeat Chorus and Hook:

Ko Yola ko Jalingo/
Ko K-D ko Lamingo/
Ai dole zan nemeki inna shigo gari/ x2


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