Martino Elcasino – North Ya Head (Girgiza Kai) + Lyrics


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Artist: MarTino Elcasino
Track: North Ya Head (Girgiza Kai)



Dan Maman Patience!

Since I was very small/
My papa told me so… /
Prepare yourself and go/
Move on the world is yours/
And so I hit the road, skinny ni**a out to make alotta love and dough/
I met boys and girls and drugs/
And I can’t ignore the cops/
Oboy, guy Don suffer/
Deep, deep down Inna da gutter/
Wasu ma har zasu maka kafa (Some people can kick you out)/
Just because you nobi ajebutter/
Now, everybody wanna come and ride with me/
Turned alotta playa haters into Family/
See the comedy in making outta tragedy/
They love mai wakan zamani( They love a modern musician)/

When I grab the mic, you north(nod) ya head…. Girgiza kai/
Show them we’re together, don’t be scared… Girgiza kai/
Go, go, go… Girgiza kai/
In muka fara namu dole Zasu Girgiza kai/
(When we do, they must nod)

We’re on the streets like Dangote cars/
Make more money for the hood; is the code we live by/
It’s a road man’s (Rothmans) flow though e nobi cigar/
But it’s surely the best verse that your money can buy/
Inducted into the hustle/
Instructed to match the throttle/
To move at a better speed than a rocket or space shuttle/
Up in a concrete jungle, I’m hustling for the bundles/
I’m getting some people humbled/
I’m good with the bear knuckles/
Foes and exes can see the guy they rejected/
So shaky and epileptic, I’m getting your head corrected/
Record is well perfected, like sockets I’m well connected/
The truth is sweet when it’s naked /
You set the record, I wreck it /
Komai karni, magani nake yaro, tafarnuwa/
Filin nema zakuje, daina dagula unguwa/
Na fadi, kaji, duk tadin da zasuyi, nagani/
Ba wani tsafi, sunce muna rapping the magani/

Last four (4) bars translation (Hausa- English)

(even when if I smell, I’m medicinal like garlic)/
Go out, hustle and stop disturbing the hood/
I spoke and you heard; I’ve seen all what they are gonna tell you/
With no sorcery, they think we rap with charms/

Dan Maman Patience!
MarTino Elcasino!!

Duka Wanda zasu nuna bakin ciki da kai/
Zamu je gidan su, zamu musu ciki da bai/
Zamu musu rini, zamu bugu da mai/
In muka fara namu dole zasu Girgiza kai/

“He who comes with a bad intent will be dyed and stretched like a fabric.
We’ll take it to there crib and they must nod when we start”


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