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Artiste: MarTino Elcasino
Track: This far (5)
“I came this far from a little start/
If I tell you how I rose this bars/
The street is tough, we’ve been counting scores/
But I made it out with just a little scar/
Tell that girl who said I’m not her baby/
And the fake friends; tell em I’m not dead/
I made it far from a little start x2”

This far

You never heard about me, take a minute and pause/
Let the music play and tap the message from the source/
I was fed by street Niggaz selling illicit drugs/
When the to one’s to help were busy seeing me as a thug/
You know!
It’s tough to move from being a kid without a sandal climbing up a thorny ladder to be a proper northern rapper/
Of course I know success will always come around with scandals/
But I’m determined to hustle for da hood and for my mama/
Trekking every day to the studio nobi joke/
We deserve Ijebu award for the Garri wey we soak/
To be able to record we helped producers clean the clothes/
Had to fight for what I chose; it’s too expensive to be broke/
Even when you have the drive, you must focus like a damn Ford
Troubles come and go so all we have to do is Thank God.
I get mix tape, I get EP, I get Album
See the good thing music do me, I get people, I get Malcolm.

Repeat Hook:

Verse 2:
Now I’m finding it hard to start explaining all the challenges/
The pluses and the minuses, but you can see how far it is/
Was beaten by the cops my body took a little damages/
I’m still scribbling tight raps with the broken phalanges/
Even after I turn into a cadaver and I get buried in the ground I’ll still produce like a cassava
I’m ordained rhymer the son of a late farmer/
Destined to be great, You can hate but u can’t harm him.
I came to the game with my ideologies of Unity/
and those who kicked against it are misusing opportunities/
Let the hate die and take this music as a eulogy/
Unhealthy competitions there ain’t nothing you can do to me/
I wish the ones I started are here to help me out to fight/
I wish these fame seeking boys and girls will act without the pride/
Searching through the dirt to lay my hands on any shiny prize/
I did it in Jambutu and did it Lekki Water side.

Repeat chorus till fade


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