Music: Dozi E Bassman – “Story Changer”

Dozi E Bassman is here again with another single after the release of his last single “Yabo” which motivated and revived the hope of many to be grateful to God in every circumstances.

Oh Lord change my story is a plea from your heart to God..I don’t know what the situation is like with you over there; did they say you are barren,did they doctor say your sickness has no cure,are you having delay in marriage,does anything you touch fail,did your family consider you a failure..?
The goodnews is Jesus Christ is a story changer and once you have an encounter with him, everything around you change for good.there is no situation Jesus can’t turn around for better.there is no life no matter how badly damaged that Jesus can’t repair.
There is no life Jesus can’t beautify and there’s no enemy Jesus can’t destroy…

Please download and share for the glory of God 🙏🙏



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