Rapper Martino Elcasino Stuns In New Dapper Promo Pictures Ahead Of Album Release

The boy from the heart of Yola “Martino Elcasino” is always preordained as the chosen one lyrically.

The talented bilingual rapper, went a step further in putting his brand out there by releasing new photos of himself and we can not help but love.

Martino Elcasino who seems to be drapped in happiness in new photo shoots as captured by the new wave photographer (Crystal12Pictures) is ready to take the industry by storm as he his about to release a border breaking album ” Aboki’s Lyrical Exercise (ALE).

Every music note he makes now seems to come with a divine feel; as if he is operating on a supernatural level even on most of his recent released and featured tracks.

In an industry crippled with bandwagons singing to any particular trending vibe, Martino Elcasino continues to stick to his guns and his legion of audience are growing geometrically.

Photography: Crystal12Pictures
Style direction: Martino Elcasino

See pictures below.

Martino Elcasino Yolatrends


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