[Throwback] Martino Elcasino – “Yanna Wa’u”

For the first time online, here is MarTino Elcasino‘s 2013 street anthem, ‘Yanna Wa’u.

The quick reception of the energetic rap song by the streets of Northeastern Nigeria after it was shared locally and the instant Lagos call up deterred the lone-hustler, “Dan Maman Patience” from promoting the track to full capacity back then. A good flow is like fine wine and we all deserve a sip.

Created on Twista’s “kill em all” instrumentals, this track first showed Tino’s bilingual lyrical strength and charged Northern Nigerian youth on the need for unity at all cost. The fusion of English and Hausa made it easy for local music listeners to comprehend the fast lyrics and intricate rhymes.

Yanna wa’u“, a slang used on the streets of Northern Nigeria is a reversed pronunciation of the word “Yan uwa“, which means brethren.
Enjoy the blast from the past.


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