Young Model on the run way to greatness: Unveiling Adeyemi “Cruz” Anwo

There’s nothing impossible to a young man chasing a power filled dream. The need to showcase and market arts from local African communities to the whole world is eminent as entertainment, sports, fashion and movies becomes an export of high value with capabilities of improving the lives of individuals and the GDP (Gross domestic Product) of a Nation at large.

ADEYEMI A. ANWO AKA Cruz, an aspiring young male model from the north eastern part of Nigeria unveils himself with a swagger and strong business mindset that can upgrade more than just an individual.

Born on the 14th of September, 1998 to a father from Osun state and a mother from Adamawa state, Adeyemi’s brand, “Cruz” is aiming at packaging and marketing beauty (skin and hair) product, clothing line as well as other services rendered by a modelling agency.

He has two Siblings of different genders. With mentors from both the foreign and local scene and an affiliation to the group “Northern Xposure“, Cruz intends to bring more young people from his locality into modeling and make his products qualitative and affordable.

For more information, hook up with Cruz on facebook and instagram here…. IG @cruzadeyemi,facebook@ Adeyemi Cruz

Adeyemi cruz anwo

Adeyemi Cruz Anwo


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